Monday, September 29, 2014

Informing Parents

I'm assuming that some parents with a child in a 1:1 iPad classroom may be a little timid, confused and worried at the beginning of this learning journey.  One approach to make parents feel comfortable and excited about change is to  inform, invite and interest.

I'm starting with 'inform' in our classroom.  There are so many different misconceptions of technology in the classroom, and if you're not trained or 'informed', then you might have a bad outlook on the 1:1 iPad Classroom.  Right away I plan on sending an 'inform' letter home to parents. 

My letter explains: 

  • why we have the iPads in our classroom
  • what parents can do to help their child embrace technology 
  • what we do on our iPads all day (not playing 'games' all day!!)
  • and where to go to find out what our class is doing on the iPads

This letter informs parents about misconceptions and the beneficial truths of learning with an iPad. 

If you're curious about my Parent Letter, I would be happy to share-just ask! 

 As our 1:1 iPad classroom journey starts, I also plan on having an "App Alert" on our class website. "App Alert" is  where parents can go on and learn about the different apps we are using, pictures of actual work used with the app and how the app works.  

Be on the lookout for my post on how to invite parents! 

Why I'm Here

After getting the email that I was accepted into the iPad Academy, I'm pretty sure my brain started going 1,000 times a minute. It was still going at 3 in the morning while feeding my beautiful baby! I'm a list kinda girl, so I started a google doc of all my iPad wishes.  Of course, I know I can't do all of it at once, but at least I can start prioritizing where to start!  It's going to be a privilege to be able to teach in a 1:1 iPad classroom and I can't wait to experience the many benefits of having the ipads available for all of my 'firsties' to learn with.

It's my goal to use this blog to help other teachers crave technology in their classrooms.  By posting what we're doing in our classroom, teachers from all of the world may learn with us.  As I end, I want to share a snippet of my application of why I wanted to embrace the 1:1 iPads in our first grade classroom:

"Another reason why I fell in love with the idea of having one iPad per student in the class is the fact that I get to learn and collaborate with the students.  I see my classroom as a collaborative community with the motto “embrace patience!”.  I don’t know everything about technology and neither do my students, but with a collaborative outlook, we will learn, grow, and teach together!  Even with the one iPad in our classroom, we got to do this in a different way! As we get to learn together, it’s my hope that the parents of my students would like to be involved in learning with us! I didn’t apply for the iPads right out of Apple Foundation Training because I wanted to take time and get used to having one iPad in the classroom.  I wanted to see for myself the benefits; and I was truly amazed at the motivation and engagement of learning!"