Friday, October 24, 2014

And we're off!

On Wednesday we opened up our class surprise by watching a Tellagami/imovie that I created.  I think the kids were so fascinated by the movie they didn't even get that we were getting iPads.  It took a couple of kids to actually say out loud, " YEA!!" for other kids to understand that we were getting them!

The first day, we had them in our class, was all about rules and expectations.  Their little hands were not allowed to touch the iPads until they understood how valuable these devices were.  Each student signed our class contract before we could get them out.

After the contract was signed, the students were so anxious to open them up and explore.  We started with just the basics: finding the home, volume, on/off buttons.  After we found all of those functions, we were ready to start an app.

The first app we 'tested' out was the Handwriting Without Tears app.  LOVE IT!! The app teaches the students to make capital, lowercase and numbers by showing and then having them practice.  Of course, since it was our first time, we came across some glitches, but I was amazed at how patient and understanding the students were.   "Can I just work with her?" was a phrase that was said multiple times instead of " Mines not working!!! Fix it Mrs. Cinfel!" Embrace patience will be our motto while learning with the iPads!  

On Friday we learned Screen Chomp.  The students had the chance to practice using the pen and marker.  They learned to switch the marker to different tip sizes and how to change the color. The fun part was uploading a 'selfie' of them self.  The students then got to 'decorate' the selfie using the different pens and colors!  I think it's important to have a little fun while showing the students how the apps work!  After creating our 'selfie', we erased and wrote a sentence about our Science EO- Air.  Students learned to record their writing and reading of the fact and then got to listen and watch it when they were finished.  Students loved watching their handwriting and listening to their voice.  I had so many students finish and ask-"Can I write another fact?".  I can already see their enthusiasm for learning take off! 

The students amazed me at how fast they caught on to navigating the iPad.  Their little fingers were swiping, 'chomping out' and double tapping, just like pros! I love seeing how the students are helping their classmates, too.  After 3 days of practice of using the iPads, I think we're off to a great start!

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